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My work arises within the intersection of learning, art, and collaboration. Both my professional and academic roles are grounded in exploring alternative forms of knowledge in this critical space. 

Artist Residencies

Crypt Gallery (July 2021)

 The Koppel Project Hive (2018-2020)

 Residenza il Palmerino (2017)

Public viewing/exhibition

Barbican Private Gallery WIP (2022)

Cyclone House "Fools Gold" (2018)

Via della Chiesa "Luna di Miele" (2017)

Artstudio 50 "Meandri" (2016)

Palmerino Group Exhibiton (2016)

Research Portfolio

Practice-based PhD Candidate, Centre for Arts and Learning 
(2020-present (PT)) 

Goldsmiths College

My research looks at the way art practice articulates experiences of belonging, from a transnational perspective. I am interested in temporalities of practice-based research, and the collective-individual practice space.

I participate in collective spaces: 

- Co-organiser of the Centre for Arts and Learning “ Crit Series”
This participatory series interrogates completed works/ works in progress through a
variation of pedagogical sessions. These sessions are recorded and will be disseminated through a research lens. We co-created this series to foster a community in our artist cohort.

- Member and participant of Art Research Learning Group (ARLG)

-Managing Editor @Sentio Journal (2022)

-Co-organiser for department conference (2022)

- Research Assistant @ Reggio Children, Emilia Romagna (2015- 2019)
I worked with a small team to conduct a longitudinal study (3 years) on embodiment in arts education. We visited schools and delivered accessible tools for students and teachers to bring into their practices.

I seek learning:

2016 – 2018 MSc Psychosocial Studies, Birkbeck College

2014-2015 Masters in Painting, Florence Italy

2009-2013 BSc Social Psychology, University of Mary Washington

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